John Edwards wants to change America. His plan is to make a better health care system, eliminate poverty, restore hope to the rural towns that have been forgotten, withdraw all of the troops in Iraq, stop global warming, make college more affordable, give more education to our country, and much more.

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Insurance For the People of America:
John Edwards believes that all families should have health insurance no matter how much money you have. It isn't fair to the people that don't have the insurance just because they have little money. Also, the coverage should be affordable to everyone. The businesses should have low-priced health coverage to free health coverage so the people on the streets can buy it cheaply.

Poverty In the World:
We agree with Senator John Edwards that poverty should end soon and hopefully clear up in the world by 2036. Also, Edwards adds that anyone who is eligable to work, should go to work and get a reward for what they are doing most likely the prize would be money, food and water, or health insurance. The statistics that he includes are as follows: By 2016 12 million Americans will be out of poverty and also to end poverty in 30 years (2036) which would mean over 30 million Americans would be greatful. If into 2001, a dollar increase in the minimum-wage salary would have gotten over 900,000 people out of poverty.

Restoring Hope To the Towns That Were Forgotten:
All of the people in rural towns are poor and are trying to find jobs to get money but the people in these communities are suffering and turning into ghost towns. Facts show that 244 out of the 250 counties are rural and most of the counties are poor. Also, THe people who live in rural places earn 27% less money than the average person does a year. America depends on rural towns for the farms and manufacturing products that is where most of our dairy products come from. We need rural towns because of these reasons. I hope that people don't lose faith in their town just because they don't have a lot of money. Stay in the town and restore hope to the people that live with you.

The Complete Withdrawal of Troops In Iraq:
By leaving Iraq, John Edwards believes that it will end most of the violence, and let Iraq take resposibilty for their country. America will promt them to find a solutions to the violence and chaos. It will help Iraq become a more stable country, since the war isn't solving anything. John Edwards also thinks that the U.S. should make more effort to train the Iraqi security forces. He also wants to make peace and bring a political solution to the violence by having direct talks with all the nations in the region.

Global Warming:
John Edwards wants to put a stop to global warming. He wants to use alternative fuels and stop the dependence on foreign oil foever. We need to conserve natural resources and demand the tools to do it.